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July 3rd, 2005

Fire Candy Drabble

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Written when I reread the first chapter of Fire Candy, volume 01. Re-reading that (or reading it for the first time) would probably increase your understanding of this drabble.
Nighttime was his favorite time. Darkness was the great equalizer, where everyone saw the same grainy blue tinted gray objects from their beds.

He could pretend that nothing changed in the murky hours of night, when he lay alone in the midst of too many down pillows. Pillows that soaked up his body heat and gave him a reminder of what it was like with Takuya in his bed.

A cheap reminder of when he would wriggle closer to share the body heat, made sweeter by the fact that they had blankets over them. Takuya loved the blankets and would purr softly under his breath every night, before he dropped off to sleep.

Since everything looked the same in the middle hours of the night, without his glasses on, it was exactly as it had been. Each tick of the clock exactly like those shared nights when he would wake up. He’d wake up naked, hard and chewing on his lower lip, Takuya's arm a heavy weight around his middle, fingers dangling just over his belly.

Everything being equal in the night, he felt especially bold and using his nakedness as an advantage, he slithered around until he was on top of Takuya, lapping gently at his lips. He felt no shame, as he might in the early evening hours, when Takuya's waking mumbles and groans made him harder and spurred him to add nips to licks. His teeth were rounded but they still did the necessary job of arousing a sleeping body. He accompanied his grins and nips, with dull more-human nails trailing gentle welts down Takuya's torso, white lines fading back to gray in the ill-lit room. Grins melted into gasps and soft laughter when sharper inhuman nails tightened on his thighs and longer then usual canines would sink harshly into his lower lip, punishing him for waking Takuya, but rewarding him just the same. He’d deny that mouth with forceful tongue entry to his own until the sharp tipped hands traveled down his back and gripped his ass, nails leaving crescent marks along the dip of his spine.

Only that would make him open his mouth and accept Takuya's tongue.

Except the tongue had melted away first, before all of Takuya was lost to the ocean.

That’s when grainy memories would shiver into grainy reality; a lumpy pillow under his hips, warm with only his body heat. Skin was a simple cotton pillowcase and Tatsuya wasn’t even allowed the dignity of a grave. He’d sigh when this happened, and fall over in a miserable pile to his side of the bed, pulling the covers up to his nose and purring for Takuya.

He liked nighttime better when it stayed in a blurry fantasy.

November 18th, 2004


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Crack drabbles like to sneak up on me at night and scare me silly.

As a brat he never got this excited. Hell even as a horny teenager he never got this excited.

When they’d found out Ino was pregnant, it was like a whole other Shikamaru crawled into his skin. As she’d started filling out (much to her displeasure) Shikamaru hadn’t been able to keep his hands off her (much to her delight). Thanks to his overeager-ness and her rampaging hormones, the sex had to have been some of the best they’d ever had.

Of course it got old the harder it became to stand up properly. They’d had to resort to some clever positions until it just became too damn uncomfortable for her to have sex. And even that didn’t stop him, since he’d started fingering her and bringing her to orgasm that way.

The idiot was just too damn excited over the fact that she was “fat”.

So as Ino lay on her side, rather round and full (and NOT in the mood), with Shikamaru to her left quite happily petting her taut stomach (and heading for her panties again), she was glad to see Chouji’s arm come from her right, smack Shikamaru and hear Chouji’s voice reminding the bastard that he could go get his sex over there.

November 14th, 2004


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Title: Convenient, no?
Fandom: Naruto
Pairing: I never tell you these things...just read it.
Rating: Hmmm...G. Depends on what sets off your moral radar.
Spoilers: None really.
A/N: WOW...I stretched my rusty yuri/shoujo-ai wings and look what happens. *glee*

It was beyond a form of convenience for either one of them now. )

November 11th, 2004

Hyuuga Drabble

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This is written mainly in response to some of the reactions I saw after Naruto 238.
See...you just didn't see what HAPPENED after Kishimoto turned away from the Hyuuga Family compound.


To say Hinata was relieved he’d been made the heir apparent was an understatement. She was lighter these days; slower to blush and stammer, quicker to smile. She’d actually thrown herself into alternate shinobi skills, now that she was no longer required to learn the Hyuuga clan taijutsu.

Neji was happy for her. However, he thought, as he fell over to the accompaniment of Kiba and Akamaru’s surprised noises, did she HAVE to take to poisoning? Dropping the spiked tea cup from his paralyzed hand, Neji continued his slow tumble towards the porch. His uncle was heading for the ground beneath the porch.

Third goddamn time this week.

November 6th, 2004

This goddamn Fire Candy story...

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Title: There is no title...move along...
Fandom: Fire Candy...get it by going here
Pairing: Leo/Fuku
Rating: NC-17...no reading kiddies!
Spoilers: Mmmmm...maybe. I don't go into GREAT detail, but I do mention a few things that happen in Volume 2, which hasn't been translated yet.
A/N: Mwahaha...I finally wrote porn SOLO. Go me. And my beloved Koto-chan drew me something as I tossed her bits of the story to tease. You will ALL love [info]kotori_chan. GO. NOW.

These kinda nights never go well... )

September 7th, 2004

Work in Progress, Chapter 1

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Title: Work in Progress (no really...thats the title.)
Paring: Oh just READ the damn thing
Rating: Squeaky clean for now
A/N: Mention a crack pairing to someone and they go an challenge you to DO it.

Work in Progress, Chapter 1 )

August 31st, 2004

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Title: You know...
Paring: None
Rating: Ummm...talk of death and blood gushing. I don't think it's too bad though.
A/N: I have a new muse and she talks to me

You know... )

August 30th, 2004

Idea that festers...

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Title: It's a work in process...there is no title...move along
Paring: Yondaime and Kyuubi
Rating: Safe for now
A/N: This all started with the question, "If Naruto isn't the Kyuubi, then why does he sometimes LOOK like the Kyuubi? Why does the Kyuubi give him power so easily? WHY WHY WHY?!". And since Kishimoto-sensei has yet to explain himself...I expounded. It's not LJ cut because I want to FLOOD your FList.


You humans really have no clue do you?

Common sense tells you not to threaten a mother and her offspring or she might attack you, to protect said offspring. Just because I'm bigger then you and a tad more malicious I'm the villian? Your precious Yondaime stole our child from me and expected me to do nothing about it. I guess I played the image of a regular housewife a little too well for anyone's good. And when I tried to reason things out in your civilized fashion I was ignored and had to resort to more drastic measures.

A lot of good it did me, though. I may have gotten my son back, but I'm stuck here in his belly instead of raising him. And he was left to YOUR tender mercies of taunting and alienation.

I admit to perhaps being a little rash. I was the one deceiving you humans from the start by taking your form. But I've yet to see any human mother not jump to her child's defense when they're in danger. Trust me I've observed it plenty of times as you drag your child away from mine on some convoluted sense that he is me. I can't fault you for your protective instinct, but I can fault you for sheer stupidity.

To add insult to injury, he hates me. My son hates me. I can't even tell him the truth because he hates me so much. I doubt he'd listen to me even if he gave me the time of day. But I'm his mother...I forgive him this. Afterall I destroyed the man he now idolizes, aliebit in an indirect manner. If he'd JUST given me back my son, I would have backed off.

I think thats the only way he was able to seal me when he did. He presented my son. I thought he was giving him back to me. Instead he used my son as a TOOL, a vessel in which to trap me. He had no reason. Until that moment when I saw him sneaking away with my precious bundle, when he shoved me away with a wild look in his eyes, I lived as you. Lived as a human. I'd done nothing to the village, save for the random seduction of males over the centuries. I bore no ill will until the man who is supposed to save you, brought your terror to your front gate.

I suppose it is a shock to the system, discovering the woman you made a life with is really a demon under that mask of skin and bones. I wonder how he knew?

I wish I could say "I wonder what I ever saw in him." but I do know what I saw in him. A strong beautiful male, who would provide me with powerful and beautiful children. Hybrid children always have this aura about them, that exudes power and grace. They make much prettier additions to the clan and powerful allies when they come of age. There was no love for the man, not really. A love for his shell and physical presentation. But he was a fool. I can't emphasize this enough to you foolish humans.

It burns me though, that my son looks more and more like his father then he does me. He needs to find another way of wearing that hiate. But he still shows little signs of his mother's side of the family from time to time.

You honestly didn't think that was ME coming out in his eyes did you? Thats all his own doing. He is half fox after all, and if I had my way I'd let that Uchiha brat get smacked around a little more before protecting him. But the boy has some inexplicable attachment to the brat and he needs some more bonds in his life. Perhaps it's my influence sneaking in...the Uchiha brat is an attractive one after all. And if my son keeps up this rediculous "Oiroke no Jutsu" the potential offspring could be quite attractive. But I have a son and I do rather like the idea of him remaining such. Let the brat be the female.

I should limit his chakra for performing that jutsu.

Another thing I'd like to explain. He gets and uses my chakra because I am his mother. Had it been any other child I was sealed into, I would have destroyed their conscious mind the moment they ventured as close as my son dared. Even if I had let them live, I would have dissolved them had they chose to speak to me in that manner. My mate's seal on me is weak enough I could dissolve that any moment I wanted to. But...getting out once I broke the seal would be messy. In so many ways. I doubt my son would handle the mental strain of another being in his head at full force. And getting out of his physical body is...something I don't want to contemplate.

Perhaps my mate knew this when he used my son to seal me, even using as weak a seal as he did. He knew. He knew there was no way I could do anything to hurt my child.

Including obtaining my own freedom.

About the only good thing that the idiot did was not tell anyone about his son's heritage. I can't imagine any of you humans in this village would have let him live otherwise, if you'd known he was half of the demon who'd just rampaged through the village. I also don't know if he didn't tell you because I attacked too soon or if he was using the ounce of sense you humans are supposed to have. If he'd wanted me truely destroyed he would have told the populace. Anger was certainly high enough that someone would have killed my son, while I was inside him, when you had the chance. But he might not have had the chance to issue his final order before he died.

I don't even know that you know my son is your precious Yondaime's as well.

Don't look at me like that. You spent 12 years ignoring my son and treating him like nothing. Certainly you don't expect me to have a high opinion of you humans and your typical reactions?

So maybe while there was no love between us, there might have been some parental devotion to his son at the very least. I'd like to believe that. But he offered his son as a sacrifice and left him without the protection of a real family. Had the situation been reversed, I can say with certainty, I'd have fought to my death. I'd rather die than leave my son in the state his father did. It was obvious both parents wanted him for some reason...why deny our son that chance of even one by sealing one away and dying yourself?

He could at least have tried talking to me about why he felt compelled to sneak off with our son. He had to known I was willing. I spent hours pleading with him before I resorted to drastic measures. I lowered myself and put myself at the mercy of a human.

Maybe he had ulterior motives that have yet to be realized. Maybe he was just reacting in that "flight or fight" instinct you humans try to ignore.

In any event, you humans are a rare bunch of animals too stupid to think out a situation.

August 19th, 2004

Stalled Piece

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Out of sight…out of mind.
Or...at least... )

It stalls out here and I suppose it could be considered complete but I don't like where it stands.

August 9th, 2004

Drabble- You belong to WHAT clan?

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Title: You belong to what clan?
Rating: PG for mild swearing and suggested near nudity
Word Count: 566
Time taken: 10 minutes
Warnings: Crack Fic encouraged by the evil ones in my life.

A/N: Please visit here for the accompanying picture. ^__^

Shiiiiiiiiit!! )

Drabble- Different Rivalry

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Title: Hinata vs Neji
Paring: Hyuuga Rivals
Rating: Safe enough to sweeten the kiddies’ breakfast cereal with
Word Count: 110
Time Taken: Less then 15 minutes.
A/N: I would recommend listening to the track on the Naruto OST II, entitled *gasp*…”Hinata vs Neji”. I realize it’s supposed to be sad music, but it’s what inspired me.

It was another type of battle. )

Drabble- Mornin'

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Title: Mornin’
Paring: Iruka and Kakashi
Rating: Completely worksafe and good enough for the kiddies to eat for breakfast.
Word Count: 1066
Time Taken: Less then 45 minutes with interuptions

A/N: This short little mind fart was inspired by a piece of Japanese fanart to be found here: http://kairou.gozaru.jp/odai-045.html The original URL is: http://kairou.gozaru.jp/
I did not use this picture other then for inspiration and I provide you, the reader, with the link so that you can see and appreciate what prompted this short little story.

Mornin' )

Drabble- Can't bow down

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Summary: An exploration into the possibilities of the Hyuuga clan
Pairing: Neji and Hinata if you can call it that
Genre: AU-ish
Rating: PG-13 because you shouldn't be THAT scarred...
Spoilers: Episodes 46 & 47 in the anime
Disclaimer: They aren’t mine; they’ve just taken up residence in my skull it seems.

He was coming. )

Drabble- Comfort Zone

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Summary: It’s all about finding your comfort zone and making sure they don’t leave.
Pairing: Team 10
Genre: General, I should think.
Rate: PG (for MILD swearing only)
Spoilers: Post 190 in the manga
Disclaimer: They aren’t mine; they’ve just taken up residence in my skull it seems.

It’s not quite right. )

Drabble- Showers

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Summary: Team 10 and soap
Pairing: Team 10...yes...TEAM 10. All three of them.
Genre: General, I should think.
Rate: PG-13 (for references to sex and anatomy)
Spoilers: I shouldn't think so.
Disclaimer: They ain't mine, they just fuck around in my head.

Ino liked showers. )
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